Situation at a Glance!

Lebanon stands at a critical point as the Syria Crisis enters its fifth year. A nation of only 4.4 million people, Lebanon hosts the largest per capita refugee population worldwide, with the biggest refugee concentration in recent history.
Currently there are nearly 1.1 million refugees registered with UNHCR.
Facing continued effects of their forced displacement, refugees are at the end of their ability to cope, with conditions rapidly deteriorating.
The type of work available to many refugees is often casual, poorly paid, and exploitative, leaving the refugees unable to sustain their household needs and guarantee decent living standards.
Shelter is also a major concern, as families are living in substandard housing such as tents and unfinished apartments.
The risk of eviction is a constant worry. Along with inadequate shelter, refugees endure the burden of disease, and the lack of sanitation and clean water, exposing them to health risks.
While the international response is helping to address many concerns, large gaps exist in ensuring vulnerable refugees in Lebanon can meet their basic needs.