Nisreen family’s cash assistance goes to rent and food, and meat- once a month

As I entered the small room in al-Bira town, I was welcomed by two sets of anxious eyes staring from the corner. Reassuring words from their mother helped me break the ice and play with seven-year-old Marwa and her brother Ihab, 5.

‘’Don’t worry, they are good ones, they are here to help us,’’ Nisreen said as her little kids kept close to her.

The 27-year-old mother-of-two and her husband Oussama- three years her senior- fled Syria to seek refuge in Akkar, northern Lebanon.

I felt I finally had someone who had my back

Amira Rostom from Homs, Syria, fled to Lebanon in May 2014 after her house was destroyed in an aerial bomb attack, which also killed her husband. With her daughter and three sons, Amira now lives in an unfinished building on the highway close to Tleil village in Akkar, northern Lebanon. Since February 2015 she has received 260,000 Lebanese pounds ($175) each month from the International Rescue Committee and the Lebanon Cash Consortium.