Cash Assistance Brings a Sense of Normalcy to Families

It was a cold winter night, in the Bekaa valley in Lebanon, when Aida, 35, from Syria, gathered her four children around the stove and put a water pot on its surface to make some tea to keep them warm. “I went to the kitchen to get cups when I heard my seven year old boy Ahmad screaming,” says/recalls Aida. “The boiled water fell on his head, shoulders and back, his skin peeled off.”

But if it ends, how will we survive?

It was the first tank shell, which fell in Imad and Raeda’s family land in 2011, that changed their lives dramatically. When the family gathered around that spot to try and understand what happened, a second shell surprised them, taking away the life of Imad’s 22- year-old brother.

Back in that year, the Syria war was still incomprehensible. No one knew whether it will last for days, months, or years. The family never thought that the price they will have to pay was a loved one. War was simply a remote concept that did not exist in their life.