I had a dream where someone came and said to me “Your debt will be paid”

“I was the driver the most known in town.” Said Hussam, a 39-year-old Syrian father who fled Al-Raqqa 4 years ago with his 2 boys and his wife. “Every girl had a crush on me. But my dream was to marry the love of my life (my wife), have kids and live peacefully in a house” said Hussam with an ironic smile on his face. “Everything happened suddenly, my dream became a nightmare” said Hussam who stayed under siege with his family for months in Al-Raqqa. They stole his car, the food stores were empty and the shelling was approaching.

We Need The Cash Assistance To Give Our Son A Normal Life.

Syrian parents are scared of losing their children to war, but for Rakan and Aida, Syrian parents from Homs; it wasn’t just death they feared. It was the mere thought of their son’s involvement in the military clashes.