A wake-up call for the world

On a sunny Wednesday morning our team drives along the winding, narrow road to Ketermaya, in the Mount Lebanon area, south of Beirut. We are visiting Syrian families, participants in a LCC cash assistance program. Arriving at a small sub-standard shelter, we are met by Mahmoud, a man in his early 70s, who welcomes us into the home he shares with his wife, Wafaa, and their youngest daughter, Nawal. Three years ago, when the security situation radically deteriorated in Homs, in western Syria, the family fled to Lebanon to escape the war. “We could not stay. There was no safety.

A Syrian Refugee Family Counts their Blessings

“Everyone can adapt to circumstances, what is important is to have your loved ones near you, this is the most important thing" says Jassem. Photo credit: Christian Ghafary

A Syrian family has been living as refugees in Lebanon for almost two years. Their World Food Programme card was stopped because of funding cuts, but thanks to World Vision Lebanon, they are still benefiting from assistance that is helping them survive their harsh circumstances.

The Al-Khitam family are one of the millions of Syrian families trying to survive life as refugees.