Six Years of Crisis, 2.5 Years of Cash: Why Does It Still Matter?

This month is marking the sixth year since the start of the Syrian Crisis. Syrian families who sought refuge in Lebanon are still striving for better days, despite the harsh situation lack of work opportunity and uncertainties. Some of these families are benefiting from the Multipurpose Cash Assistance, an assistance delivered by the Lebanon Cash Consortium since December 2014. Every month, these families receive 175$ to help them meet their basic needs.

A Four Dollar Meal and a Syrian Refugee Mother

What to cook today? An existentialist question for many mothers, regardless of their age, background, nationality… For Mayssa, a Syrian mother of three fleeing to Lebanon, the first criteria is cost. “I set a limit of four dollars to each meal,” she says. Mayssa never needed to cut on budget back in Syria, but the war affected her and the entire family in so many ways.